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"My name is Sherry Causby and I am a native of Burke County in North Carolina. I am the founder/director of Vessels of Mercy. About 17 years ago, I found myself in a dark pit because of an addiction to prescription drugs that had me trapped in a place that I could not climb out of. One Friday morning, as I was home snared by the addiction, I had an experience that sobered me very quickly and it was on that same day that Jesus called me out of that lifestyle. I struggled with bitterness, resentment and rebellion toward my dad. I also struggled with self-centeredness. When Christ showed me that he forgave me for all I had done, for every sin, I was able to forgive my dad and ask forgiveness for the pain I had caused him and my mom. My recovery then began. God chose to put a mentor in my life who was a widow that would teach me by the Word (the Bible) and by her example. She taught me all about unconditional love, faithfulness, correction, prayer and godly living. I was also blessed to have a mom who was an example to me too by living out those same principles. As I received those things by example, I began to give to other women what I was taught. In this, my husband also led a life of addiction. He was such a good man and I loved him very deeply but he too struggled in the very pit that God had brought me out of.  As the next thirteen years of my life would unfold, God was faithful in helping me, still allowing me to grow in him and minister to other women. I operate a beauty salon (also a miracle story) and it became a day place of refuge for women with many struggles. I was invited to become a board member of the Christ Centered Recovery Program for men. I accepted, even though my husband was still battling addiction. God had a plan to use this as the beginning of a women's discipleship program. In July of 2016, God opened a door for a house we could use to start the program. In September of the same year, I was forced to leave my home of nineteen years due to the intensity of my husband's addiction. During this time I moved back in with my parents, mentored the women in Vessels, worked a full time job, was separated from my daughter and my mentor passed away. I was so broken. I had to focus only on the day ahead of me. God would only give me the instruction to walk, do the next right thing and keep going, giving these ladies an example to follow. In April of 2017, God closed the door to the house that we were using to start Vessels of Mercy and opened another door. We were able to rent our first home. At that point, I moved in with the ladies and kept praying for my husband. I began to pray for his soul. I prayed for the healing and restoration of our family and I kept walking. I kept learning daily the principles of the Word of God, applying them to my life. God then began to send help to Vessels of mercy and we started building our team. In October of 2017, my husband's life was taken by the hand of a man who had been our neighbor. The life I once knew was over and now this had become a permanent reality. My heart was so broken. I began to focus on what I could do, help bring as many women as possible out of bondage that I could. After walking through much healing God used these women to minister to me as much as I had ministered to them. In December of 2018, we purchased our first home for Vessels of Mercy. God gave us five acres of property with this home. I am currently praying that God expands our resources to help more women come to a walk of integrity through Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit, that he would restore families because that was the desire of my own heart. Vessels of Mercy has been birthed out of much pain. This pain has brought experience and built character, which has brought me a hope that will never disappoint me! To God be the glory for all he has done! The one principle that has forever changed my life after making Jesus Christ the Lord of my life are the words he has spoken to me, "If you will put my word in and live it out, I will change your life, change it forever and you will not go back. Don't go on your pastor and Sunday school teachers' times they have with me, come to me for yourself!".

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We will first discuss and assess your current situation so that we can recommend the best steps and resources necessary to ultimately bring you to us. (i.e. Are you safe? Do you need detox? etc.)


You will then be required to complete a 90 day Christ based program before coming to Vessels of Mercy. (i.e. Beth Colony of Mercy, Grace Home, etc.) During that time, we will stay connected with you along the way.


Once your 90 days are completed, we will then make preparations and arrangements for your arrival at Vessels of Mercy. (i.e. Bedding, transportation, etc.)

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